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Moisture Extreme Conditioner

philip kingsley moisture extreme conditioner


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Based on extensive Trichological experience, Moisture Extreme conditioner is formulated specifically for extremely porous, tight curls and all variations of African-Caribbean hair textures.

It is also suitable for chemically processed/relaxed hair and synthetic hair. This deeply nourishing product contains a careful combination of extremely moisturizing ingredients, including 4 naturally derived oils that work together to condition the hair from the cortex to the outer layer.

Moisture Extreme creates intense shine and has a brilliant smoothing effect, without overly weighing the hair down. Contains essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins A, D, E and B6, magnesium, copper, iron, amino acids and folic acid, all of which are vital for hair health.


Product Description

Hair Problem:  Damaged Hair, Dry Hair, Frizzy Hair, Hair Breakage, Processed Hair, Weak Hair

Hair Need:  Conditioning, Detangling, Replenishment, Shine, Smoothing

Scalp: No

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1000ml, 200ml, 75ml

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