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The Beauty Industry Expertise You Need to Succeed in a Crowded Marketplace.
On Your Terms. Within Your Budget.
Mike Nave Beauty Industry Report

Immediate Access to Expert Resources

Mike Nave & Associates provides our clients with immediate access to a vast network of pre-evaluated, results-oriented professionals with expertise in all facets of the beauty business.

[dropcap_sty color=”#fff” back=”#000″ font_weight=”normal”]A[/dropcap_sty]ttend any U.S. professional beauty trade show and you’re likely to spot Mike Nave, president and CEO of Mike Nave & Associates, deep in conversation with the newest and hottest companies’ executives. In fact, this self-proclaimed “beauty show junkie” travels to almost 30 shows per year, including all of the majors, Cosmoprof Bologna, plus specialty spa, skin, makeup and nail events, to report the news for his clients, as well as for the readers of his Beauty Industry Report. And when he can’t be there personally, you can bet that one of Mike’s associates is on the floor on his behalf.

[testimonial author=”Ken Bern, President, GBS The Beauty Store “]No one has a greater passion for the beauty industry than Mike Nave. He has had this passion his entire working life. His experience of over 40 years gives him a unique perspective on our industry. No one has greater insight.The Beauty Industry Report with Mike Nave gives us the broad overview. With this report we have information to help make decisions about our future in this industry.[/testimonial]
show up event consulting

Show Up Event Consulting is about more than just logistical planning for your event. We believe great events start with a creative approach and a strategic plan.

Your event is as much a reflection on your brand as any other aspect of your business. With over a combined 40+ years of event production experience, Show Up arrives ready to create and produce for you.

We know the process  and we understand how important it is. Success of an event means your brand is reflected throughout from concept to design. We listen to your goals and objectives and create a plan to bring them to life!

Let us be your experts when your team needs to focus on your business.

Give us your challenges – we’ll give you solutions.

[our_services_list title=”CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT” icon=”fa fa-star” icon_color=”#e33c2c”]Sometimes the theme or creative ideas for events are the one thing that takes forever to come up with. Isn’t it perfectly disastrous that the theme drives everything about the event?[/our_services_list][our_services_list title=”CREATIVE CONTENT” icon=”fa fa-star” icon_color=”#e33c2c”]Show Up is not just a resource to help you produce a flawless event. We can also help with the messaging you are presenting to your attendees. Show Up can help you design and create copy for a Power Point presentation. Write, shoot and edit an impactful video. Produce a live stage show. Create an interactive program with the attendees or help you produce an event app that keeps your attendees informed. We really like to take a full-scope approach to your event and are here to help in any area you need support.[/our_services_list][our_services_list title=”EVENT MARKETING” icon=”fa fa-star” icon_color=”#e33c2c”]Want to reach your customers in unique and unexpected ways? Let us create a campaign that connects you to your customers in a truly personal way.  Nothing draws the eye like a public spectacle. Nothing is as personal as a one on one interaction between your brand and your customers. Whether it’s our street teams who are friendly, attractive, outgoing people dressed and trained in your brand handing out promotional items or a large scale event positioned to draw public and press attention, our team has over 25 years’ experience creating the most memorable promotional events[/our_services_list][our_services_list title=”EVENT PLANNING” icon=”fa fa-star” icon_color=”#e33c2c”]Event Planning is the very core of our business. If you’ve spent time looking around our site you’ll see we offer many services that compliment your event but at its core a great event starts with a well-organized plan. We have years of experience tracking all the details that go into producing a successful event. We will work with you from day one to help organize all aspects of your event.[/our_services_list][our_services_list title=”PRESENTATION DEVELOPMENT” icon=”fa fa-star” icon_color=”#e33c2c”]

One of our favorite parts of putting an event together is working with the speakers and presenters to help them deliver their message onstage! Live presentations are the most impactful way to grab a captive audience and turn their attention into discovery.

[/our_services_list][our_services_list title=”VIDEO PRODUCTION” icon=”fa fa-star” icon_color=”#e33c2c”]

When searching for the ideal marketing tool to show off your brand the world of VIDEO provides an incredible landscape of opportunities. We can take you through the entire process from concept and scripting to shooting and editing. We use all state of the art software for graphic animations and editing.

[/our_services_list][our_services_list title=”DESIGN & DECOR” icon=”fa fa-star” icon_color=”#e33c2c”]

There are a lot of trends in event décor. Every year there are “must have” décor elements everyone is clamoring for, but is it right for your brand?  The look and feel of your event says as much about your brand as your most expensive advertising campaign. At Show Up we keep that in mind and insure that your company is represented in a manner consistent with your brand values.

[/our_services_list][our_services_list title=”TALENT BOOKINGS” icon=”fa fa-star” icon_color=”#e33c2c”]

SHOW UP represents a vast catalogue of talent that can bring your Event to life and create special moments for your attendees.  Whether it’s a keynote speaker with a solid message supporting your Brands values or just a “Blow Your Mind” entertainer that will WOW your guests and turn each moment into a great memory. Often times its all of the above.  We have that talent.

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